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My New Year Celebration in Galle Face Colombo.

"I felt the situation and it looked really colourful, I enjoyed each and every second. All the hotel windows were open. It was unusual and the foreigners were looking over the windows. It was really a nice view............??"
It was a new year's eve of 2018, my phone was started ringing with the song "Shape of You". I had to go out of my house to answer the call because there were many relatives in my home and all were busy talking.
It was my friend Arqam and Ahamed was also there on another side because we were on a conference call. It was for the planning of our new year celebration in Galle face Colombo.

So later we decided to go to Galle Face and celebrate our new year eve and I felt this as usual because this place was little familiar for me.
You know the Galle Face is an open place on the beach on one side and the number of luxury hotels like Galleface Hotel, Taj Samudra HotelCinnamon HotelGaladari Hotel and Shangri-La Hotel on another side.

This is th…
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Free Travel tips for Sri Lanka 2019 #Updated

"You know travel tips help travellers to have a marvellous travelling experience. That's why you are searching for travel tips....."

You know that we are in the law of paying price but these travel tips will cost you nothing. Are you the kind of person who is interested in travelling that's why I bring some important travel tips for you which will help you in 2019. You may agree with John Green like he said:
"I am in love with cities I have never been to and people I have never met" we all love travelling, meet unknown people, having conversations, having great times, that makes our life quite interesting. Here I mention a few travel tips we must consider before travel to any particular place. It may be a Country it may be a City whatever. These travel tips will help you to get in touch with the places that where you want to be. 01. Ask from Quora.
You may know about this Quora earlier, Quora is a platform which helps us to raise whatever the questions and get…

Wayamba field visit to Bopath Ella, Sabaragamuwa University and Army (SLMA)

If we ask them they might say, "It does not matter how senior you are if you want to be perfect then follow the rules" ......???

Have you ever been a student in your life? If so, this is for you. I have a small question first.

Are you good at talking? I know you are but you know I started talking with you all through my blog a little while ago.

I already talked through Pettah, Colombo,Kuliyapitiya,Rambuk Ela and Galle face articles.

Those were few of my own experiences but this is somewhat awkward.

I know that the attending trips are quite familiar for us, but attending a trip with more than 200 people at once is quite unfamiliar. Can you even imagine this kind of a situation?

On 17th November 2018, it was nearly at 4:10 AM I was running to our Wayamba University student center to attend a meeting which was conducted by our department head. (Sir Mr.Ulawatta)

But actually, I got quite late with my friends that's why I only heard the end of his speech.
"students be disciplined c…

Why the King of Pettah Market carrying a Scarf (Colombo 11)

"In our life, we meet some new people unexpectedly who give us an unforgettable memory. We give them a small smile or a talk. But we don't even know whether we can meet them again in our life or not because always...."

You may hear about Pettah Market earlier in your life but this is something special that I want to share, This is not only about Pettah Market, about kings of Pettah Market (Colombo 11). I feel good because you all are going through my stories. Sounds great..!!
You know these are not only just stories, herein each and every story, there are also a number of beautiful memories. Even if I can pay I cannot get them back to my life. Because situations made them no plans.
Have you ever thought what will happen, if you write your memories on a paper with the hope of reading in the future? I am telling you, it will be the best feeling in this world.
You know it took just a few minutes for me to learn a life lesson from an unknown third person whom I met in Pettah Mark…