See how my friend “Mr. Bean” explored Sri Lanka.

Hey friends, you reached the right place, Sri Lanka travel blog. Where you can hear so many stories about Sri Lanka. The name Sri Lanka home to vast tea plantations, rolling mountains, world-class surfing and blue trees. We know that there are so, many beautiful places to see in Sri Lanka.

If you're like me and you like to do more with your vacations than just sit around on a beach all day, Sri Lanka is the place for you.

The Island of Sri Lanka is an adventure lover's paradise. Because there are so many beautiful places to visit in Sri Lanka.

What's going on, my dudes in this story I'm gonna show you guys how to travel Sri Lanka in three weeks. Getting right into it.

This is how my friend “Mr Bean” shared his travel experience with you.

First of all, you are going to catch a plane into Colombo’s Katunayake Bandaranayake InternationalAirport, Either through Sri Lankan Airlines or any other airline service provider. If you want to travel to Sri Lanka you must reach to one of these services to reach Sri Lanka.

The Katunayake Bandaranayake International Airport in Sri Lanka has got you covered so many things, you can buy almost everything, not only small necessities, washing machine or an oven or any other large appliance that matter a lot, because that's exactly what you want when you're headed to go pick up your bag.

Once you've got your bag you can head into Colombo either by Pickme/Uber or by bus. I guess spending one day in Colombo is enough for you because I have to explore so many beautiful places in Sri Lanka.


Find a good place to stay and then book a bus ticket, headed up north to Jaffna for your following day.

Jaffna had to be one of my favourite places in Sri Lanka. Over the course of the three days, I spent up there I probably saw a total of like three other tourists. It was insane, well you're up there. You should rent a motorbike and explore the surrounding towns.

There are quite a few day trips that you can make from Jaffna, but my favourite thing by far was the Keerimalai Pond. The Keerimalai pond itself is super cool. It's located right beside the ocean. It's extremely clean and it's fed from a natural spring just up the river.

The locals there were so friendly and inviting me, making this an awesome place to spend the afternoon.


Next up I’m taking a so cool system of buses to the East Coast beaches, where you'll find a small town called Nilaweli. Nilaweli Beach is the perfect place to spend a relaxing two days. It's a bit quieter than the other East Coast beaches in Sri Lanka which is what I love about it.

Grab a Ceylon tea, sit on the beach and enjoy.

One thing that you have to do while you're travelling in Sri Lanka is eating “Kottu”.

Kottu is a staple and delicious Sri Lankan dish made out of vegetables chopped up, roti and egg all tossed together. It is so good.


After my time in Nilaweli Beach. I was going to get on a bus and head down south to a popular destination called Sigiriya, Sri Lanka. A famous place in the country.

Sigiriya is a small townhome to a famous Peak called, lion’s rock. Spending one day here is perfect, as you can visit one for sunrise and the other for sunset. This Peak has interesting hike and a beautiful view.


Next up on our list is Kandy. You can reach Kandy by bus and spend one day exploring. As that's all you really need. Kandy is a massive city with a huge transportation hub, which we'll be using the next day when we catch a train to Hatton, Sri Lanka.

The train is going to be so busy but the ride is absolutely beautiful. Once you got off the train in Hatton, you're going to walk outside of the train station and off on the bus that will take you to Adam speak.

Adam’s peak, Hatton

Adam's peak was my favourite part of the entire journey through Sri Lanka. This 2,300-meter peak is a pilgrimage made by tourists and Sri Lankans alike. The bus you took to get here drops you off at the base of Adam's peak in a small town.

You find a place to stay, you grab something to eat and then you go to bed very early because you're going to be up in a couple hours. The hike to the summit is no joke but men are it ever rewarding. You begin the tracking at about 2:00 a.m. as you want to be to the very top for sunrise. Now I know this doesn't sound too appealing, but trust me once you get to the top you feel so rewarded watching that Sun Rise knowing that you woke up super early at such a terrible hour to go on a massive hike up a mountain.

Depending on your activity level you can get to the top in about three and a half to four hours. It's roughly 5,500 steps each way. Dudes if you're looking to travel Sri Lanka I have got you covered. I've created a comprehensive travel guide covering anything and everything.

Hey friends, you might want to know few things before your trip to Sri Lanka, stuffs like the highlights, the must-see places, how to budget your trip, how to plan your travel and deal with visas, banking or anything like that, if you want to check it out you can contact us.


After your epic journey up and down Adam speak you're going to head back to Hatton and hop on the train to Ella.

The train ride to Ella is commonly regarded as one of the most beautiful train rides in the entire world.

Getting to Hatton was actually the first half of it. So this is just the second half again try your very best to get a window or a door spot. So you can see outside.

Ella is located in the mountains so it's a bit chillier, but you're surrounded by nature with so much to do around Ella.

You can easily spend four days here. Some things you've got to check out are the Nine Arch Bridge, Ella's Rock and Little Adam's peak.

Pro tip before you visit the nine arch bridge, you want to check the train timetables. Trains cross the bridge throughout the day and you want to be there to catch them.

Udawalawe National Park

Next up we'll catch another sequences of buses that will take us from Ella – Udawalawe national park.

Udawalawe National Park is one of the mini national parks in Sri Lanka but it is known for two things not being as crowded as the other parts, and it’s insane amount of elephants.

You're able to show up at the gate and negotiate a price with one of the guides there. You'll only need to spend a half-day here in the Udawalawe.

After your epic tour of seeing alligators, elephants, water buffalo and maybe a leopard or two. It's time to move on to your next destination which is Tangalle. We know that there are so many beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka.


I loved my time in Tangalle beach. It wasn't very popular. So there weren't many people there. But there were still tons of stuff to do, you can use the local bus system to get around and visit some of the nearby beaches like Kudawella Beach and Goyambokka Beach both of which are beautiful. And you can also spend some time checking out the natural glow.

After enjoying your time in Tangalle Beach, you can easily catch a bus further along the coast headed towards Mirissa. Mirissa is going to be your next stop and you're gonna spend two days here.


I much prefer Tangalle beach to Mirissa beach. But Mirissa Beach has an amazing atmosphere. Mirissa Beach is very popular, so there's a ton of tourists hanging out, where so many restaurants and cafeterias lining the beach.

My friend and I were there over New Year's Eve, and the parties every night were crazy. If you're looking for a good time in Sri Lanka Mirissa is the place to be.

Unawatuna Beach

And last but certainly not least, we are headed to Unawatuna Beach for our final two days here in Sri Lanka. From Mirissa it's extremely easy to get to go to Unawatuna Beach. You just need to get a bus and head around the coast.

Unawatuna beach is another one of these small touristy beach towns on the south coast of Sri Lanka with some cool things to see. As I had mentioned earlier, Sri Lanka's known for its surfing, and you can essentially surf the entire south coast of the country.

I surfed in more places than just in Unawatuna beach, but me being a beginner this is my favourite place to surf, or at least try to surf.

I mean at least I gave it my best try, another thing that you have to do while you’re in Unawatuna Beach is visiting Dalawella beach. 

Here you'll see a beautiful sunset fisherman on stilts and a massive rope swing types of palm trees. And there it is guys just like that, I've spent nearly three weeks travelling Sri Lanka. 

At the end of the session depending on your travel plans, you can either head straight to the Katunayake airport or you can head to the city Called Negombo, which is located near the airport city Katunayake.

Thanks for reading Mr Bean’s experience my dudes. If you're looking to travel to Sri Lanka. Check out my earlier posts “travel guide”, where I cover anything and everything that you might want to know before your trip to Ceylon, other than that I'll catch you in another awesome Story.

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